Moulin Hotel Pitlochry Highland Perthshire Hotel

Welcome to The Moulin Hotel, Pitlochry, Highland Perthshire A delightful Haven of authentic Scottish highland hospitality since 1695,The Moulin Hotel embraces a warm and welcoming world of peace, tranquillity and traditional Scottish hospitality.

English Translation of “moulin” Collins French-English

English Translation of “moulin” The official Collins French-English Dictionary online. Over 100,000 English translations of French words and phrases.

Moulin definition of moulin by The Free Dictionary

mou·lin (mo͞o-lăN′) n. A nearly vertical cavity in a glacier through which meltwater from the surface drops into tunnels that are within or beneath the ice. [French, mill, moulin, from Old French molin, mill, from Late Latin molīnum; see mill1.] moulin (ˈmuːlɪn) n (Physical Geography) a vertical shaft in a glacier, maintained by a constant


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moulin Wiktionary

14/10/2019· (geology) A cylindrical, vertical shaft that extends through a glacier and is carved by meltwater from the glacier’s surface.··mill; windmill (geology) moulin

Moulin (geomorphology) Wikipedia

A moulin (or glacier mill) is a roughly circular, vertical (or nearly vertical) well-like shaft within a glacier or ice sheet which water enters from the surface. The term is derived from the French word for mill. They can be up to 10 meters wide and are typically found on ice sheets and flat areas of a glacier in a region of transverse crevasses. Moulins can reach the bottom of the glacier, hundreds of m

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